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Patent Ratings International (PRI) is an independent ratings agency that provides unique research, ratings and statistical valuations of U.S. and international patents.  We created the original models and statistical algorithms underlying the PatentRatings® system, the most widely used and trusted statistical patent valuation system currently in use today.  PRI licenses its patents, algorithms and other unique information and proprietary tools to our partners and clients throughout the world. 


Ratings Methodology

Our ratings and valuation methodology is based on objective modeling and statistical analysis of publicly available patent data.  While statistical analysis cannot offer absolute precision in measuring patent value, it does provide a way to at least probe the issue and draw informative conclusions based on objective criteria consistently applied using a statistically validated model.  For example, significant insights can be gained from analyzing past renewal decisions of patent owners.  The natural attrition effect of the maintenance fee system discourages the renewal of less valuable, poorer-quality patents by placing substantial recurring costs on all patents.  By examining the characteristics of patents that were renewed relative to those that were abandoned, we can make certain predictive assessments about the quality and likely value of other patents that share statistically similar attributes. 

For example, our patented IPQ® score is a computer-generated numerical ranking or score based on a number of identified predictor variables (patent "metrics") determined to have a statistically significant relationship to observed patent maintenance rates.  A computer algorithm calculates a raw numerical score for each patent according to the determined metrics. Raw scores are mathematically adjusted to a normalized or nominal expected score of 100. This adjusted score is intuitively simlar to the familiar IQ score for rating human intelligence.


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